Forms and articles

Information provided to the Companies Registry should normally be on a form provided for the purpose. 

The following forms are available on request from the Companies Registry or may be printed from this site if you have a suitable printer. 

To view or print the forms you will need Adobe Reader.   If you do not already have this, you can download it now free of charge.

You can complete the forms on screen before printing - click in the area where you want to type. 

Note:  Adobe Reader does not let you save a completed document.  You should not close the document before you have finished and printed it. 


Form no.


Application for registration of a company


Registered office of a foreign company


Details of company officer on initial registration


List of members (shareholders)


Appointment of company officer


Notice of change in the details of a company officer


Notice of change of company address


Application for reservation of a corporate name


Notice of change of name


Cessation of appointment of company officer


Notice of change in share capital


Change in authority of company officer


Notification of a charge against the assets of a registered company


Notification of the discharge of a charge

Articles of incorporation

Articles of incorporation must be delivered with forms 1, 2 and 3.  The precise content of the articles is for the members of the company to decide, but they must contain certain information required either by the Companies Ordinance or the Regulations.

The following specimens are provided as a guide -

Draft articles of incorporation for a company limited by shares

Draft articles of incorporation for a company limited by guarantee


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